KREO Custom Wave 1 (Set of 6)


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Battle for the future of Earth and Cybertron with the Kre-O Transformers Custom Kreon Mini-Figures Wave 1! Each one comes with weapons and spare parts to change into vehicle mode, plus bonus weapons, limbs, helmets, and other accessories to really deck out your robot warriors! You'll even get some amazing silver chrome parts - they're going to really stand out on your toy shelves! Ages 6 to 12. It's a fun battle in every box with the Kreon Micro Changers! Case includes 6 individually packaged figures

In Box

* 1 x Optimus Prime
* 1 x Ironhide
* 1 x Bumblebee
* 1 x Megatron
* 1 x Starscream
* 1 x Soundwave

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