Takara Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP10 Optimus Prime

Brand: Takara Tomy

Product Code: 4904810398400

Availability: In Stock

Price: RM849.90

Made with an all-new mold in a smaller scale than the original MP-01 and MP-04 versions, Optimus Prime is approximately the same height as MP-09 Rodimus Prime in robot mode with the vehicle mode that looks more like a real semi-trailer truck than in previous versions. 

MP-10 Convoy includes both his trailer with repair bay and Roller unit. This set also includes a Spike figure, the Orange Energy Axe, a Matrix of Leadership, and his Ion blaster rifle that can fold in half and store in his back. The trailer opens to form a command center or a repair bay and can hold one Deluxe Class or Alternity sized vehicle.

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