Transformers Platinum Edition Triple Changer Blitzwing & Astrotrain


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Price: RM239.90

Blitzwing and Astrotrain unleash multiple modes of mayhem on the ground, in the air, and in outer space.

Blitzwing figure converts from robot mode to jet mode or tank mode, while Astrotrain figure converts from robot mode to train mode or space shuttle mode

Gear up for triple Transformers action with these 3-in-1 Triple Changers! Your Blitzwing figure is a robot menace with a sword in one hand and a blaster in the other. He can take the battle over the ground in tank mode or to the sky in jet mode! He’ll be the perfect ally for your Astrotrain figure, who can rumble to battle in train mode or take it off the ground in space shuttle mode! Can the Autobots hope to contend with this multi-mode menaces? It’s all up to you!

Pack includes two 3-in-1 Transformers figures.


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