Transformers Platinum Edition Year of Goat Soundwave


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Soundwave, whose group of cassette spies is one of the most feared Decepticon units has proven to be one of the few allies Megatron can trust. But beneath his calm exterior lies a maze of circuits buzzing at peak efficiency, processing thousands of terabytes of incoming data in a single nanoklik. To Soundwave, the crackling static of an encrypted transmission is like music to his audio processors.

Celebrate the Year of the Goat with this super-spying Soundwave figure! This Decepticon signal-stealer comes with his nefarious cassette allies: Decepticon Frenzy, Buzzsaw, Laserbeak, Ravage and Decepticon Rumble. The 2 Quake Hammers and Megatron mini-figure make this bunch a Decepticon force to fear!

Includes :

  • Cassettes (with cases): Laserbeak, Buzzsaw, Ravage, Decepticon Rumble, Decepticon Frenzy
  • 2 Frenzy piledrivers with piledriver mount and left & right "Thruster Guns"
  • 2 Rumble piledrivers with piledriver mount and left & right "Thruster Guns"
  • Energon cube & lid
  • Display Panel
  • Concussion Blaster
  • Megatron Gun (pistol, scope, silencer, and stock)

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