Transformers Masterpiece MP-21R Bumblebee

Brand: Takara Tomy

Product Code: 4904810852056

Availability: In Stock

Price: RM196.90

Accessories: pistol, rear-view mirrors, spare tyre cover, license plate, neutral face, smiling face 

Another redeco of Masterpiece Bumble, in red colors (based on his original G1 toy variant) and chromed bumpers. Masterpiece Bumble Red Body was released as a Cybertron Satellite exclusive. 

As usual, the non-Japanese Asian market version came with a special collector's coin. This time, the package is shaped like the Beetle's front hood, and the coin identifies him as "Bumblebee Red Boby"

Item Size/Weight :
-Width = 7cm
-Length = 21cm
-Height = 14.5cm
-Weight = 200g

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