Transformers THS-02B Hybrid Style Black G1 Convoy (e-Hobby Exclusive)

Brand: Takara Tomy

Product Code: 4904810493891

Availability: In Stock

Price: RM330.00

This exclusive repaint of the THS-02 Convoy is presented with a new nebulous paint scheme, two additional missile-launching blasters, two heads (normal, battle-damaged) and box artwork by Hidetsugu Yoshioka. This is a limited edition exclusive that is sure to be hard to find in the future. The Hybrid Convoy figure is set in the Gen 1 style but with much greater articulation. His chest housing divides to reveal the Matrix. The Black Convoy version is shown with Autobot emblems in opposition of a Scourge/Nemesis Prime color scheme. His hands are interchangeable among a series of surplus appendages. His articulation is on par with the larger-scaled Masterpiece Convoy. Black Convoy’s additional weapons are shown as both truck-mounted guns and handheld blasters. Also included are a display base and mount bracket. The fully functional trailer supports an articulated repair bay and staging ground for Roller drone. 

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