Nerf Super Soaker Switch Shot Water Blaster


Product Code: 653569793731

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Price: RM109.90

Choose your spray pattern and soak your competition 4 different ways with the Switch Shot water blaster. Want to send 3 streams of water at them from up to 25 feet away? Launch an atomized mist attack? Or just massively soak them? Just twist the knob on this versatile blaster to choose Scattershot, Triple Shot, Atomizer or Jetstream mode and then pump to soak away. The Switch Shot blaster holds up to 20 fluid ounces of water in the banana clip; you can attach extra Banana Clips (extra clips sold separately) to your pants or belt so you never run out of ammo.

Enhance your blasting accuracy with the detachable stock. Choose your attack and launch the extreme soakage with the Switch Shot blaster.

* Blaster x1,                      

* Detachable stock x1    

* Banana water clip x1

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