Nerf Rebelle Diamondista


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When the mission calls for secrets to be sent and shared, you show your spy style with Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies blasters and bows from the Nerf Rebelle brand. Messages fly back and forth between you and your team, hidden in plain sight on Message Arrows. Red reveals what the designs conceal; arm your friend with the decoder so she can discover your secret messages. It's Time to Step Up and Stand Out! Bring your brilliant archery skills to every mission and show off dazzling crossbow action with the Nerf Rebelle Diamondista blaster from Hasbro. Pull the string back on this crossbow, load a dart into the top of the crossbow, and pull the trigger to send the dart flying up to 75 feet. With shimmering glitter, jewel-like designs and elegantly curved crossbow arms, the Nerf Rebelle Diamondista crossbow blaster keeps you looking stylish as you go about your stealthy spy missions.

  • Diamondista blaster has dazzling crossbow action
  • Blaster fires darts up to 75 feet
  • Includes 2 message darts and 1 collectible dart
  • Decoder reveals secret messages
  • Includes crossbow blaster, 2 Message Darts, 1 collectible dart, decoder and instructions

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