Nerf Rebelle Mini Mischief


Product Code: 630509265251

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Price: RM49.90

Reveal your mischievous side with this compact Mini Mischief blaster! It's small enough to hide out in your purse or pocket, and it’s perfect for secret missions because it closes so you can’t even see it’s a blaster. Just load your 2 collectible darts, then hide your blaster out until it's time to take your shot. Then when you're ready to stand out, just pull the handle back and pull the trigger! Fire away with the unexpected surprise of the Mini Mischief blaster!

  • Compact Mini Mischief blaster
  • Mini blaster is small enough to hide in a purse or pocket
  • Easy to load and fire
  • Includes 2 collectible darts
  • Blaster closes to conceal

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