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When the mission calls for secrets to be sent and shared, you show your spy style with Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies blasters and bows from the Nerf Rebelle brand. Messages fly back and forth between you and your team, hidden in plain sight on Message Arrows. Red reveals what the designs conceal; arm your friend with the decoder so she can discover your secret messages. It's Time to Step Up and Stand Out! Send your messages with style and still keep your secrets hidden from view with the Nerf Rebelle Messenger blaster from Hasbro. Use the special pen to write spy secrets on the Message Darts. The messages can only be seen when you look at your secrets stay concealed. Once you've written your messages on the darts, load the darts into the barrel, pull the handle back to prepare the blaster to fire, then pull the trigger to send the darts flying through the air!

  • Messenger blaster fires secret messages on Message Darts
  • Blaster fires darts up to 75 feet
  • Includes 5 message darts and a decoder to reveal secret messages
  • You can store the special pen in the handle
  • Double decoder reveals secret messages

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