Nerf Rebelle Spylight


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When the mission calls for secrets to be sent and shared, you show your spy style with Nerf Rebelle Secrets and Spies blasters and bows from the Nerf Rebelle brand. Messages fly back and forth between you and your team, hidden in plain sight on Message Arrows. Red reveals what the designs conceal; arm your friend with the decoder so she can discover your secret messages. It's Time to Step Up and Stand Out! Bring the Nerf Rebelle Spylight blaster with you on your next mission to let your spy skills shine. This stylish blaster comes with a working flashlight to use on your adventures. You can shine the flashlight's red beam on the Message Darts to reveal the secret messages hidden on them. The flashlight attaches to the top of the Spylight blaster for carrying and storage, and removes easily when you need to use it separately during your mission. A secret compartment on the blaster keeps 2 darts within reach and out of sight from your target.

  • Spylight blaster has a removable flashlight that reveals secret messages
  • Fire the included 6 darts one at a time or all at once in rapid-fire mode
  • Removable decoder decodes messages in the included 3 Message Darts
  • Fires Message Darts and the 3 collectible darts up to 75 feet
  • Secret Spy compartment in the handle holds 2 darts

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