Bandai S.I.C Vol.70 Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Style


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Price: RM250.00

Six Additional Hands
WizarSwordGun Sword Mode
WizarSwordGun Gun Mode
Two Open Hand Plates for WizarSwordGuns
Red Phoenix Plamonster
Phoenix Plamonster Armor (Head, Wings, and Feet) Stage Set

The S.I.C. line has become a bit more magical with the introduction of the Kamen Rider Wizard line! The first retail release is none other than Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Style. Besides the usual S.I.C. flare, the Wizard line features a unique feature in that each figure comes with armor designed around a Plamonster from the show. Flame Style obviously comes with the Red Phoenix Plamonster, and with it, special attachments for the head, wings, and feet to give Wizard an avian look! Also included are six additional hands, both variations of the WizardSwordGun, and two hand plates for the weapons to have the open hand variation. The S.I.C. line gets more and more intriguing with each new introduction, and Wizard is no exception.

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